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Your Guide to Surfing Mexico!

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Guide to Surfing in Mexico

Baja Norte
Baja Malibu, K38, La Fonda, Salisepuesdes, San Miguel, Todos Santos, Quatro Casas, Shipwrecks
Baja Sur
Isla Natividad, Punta Abreojos, Scorpion Bay, Mag Bay, Cabo, Zippers
Mainland Mexico
Puerto Escondido, Nexpa, San Quitin, Ixtapa, Playa Kandahar
Surf Maps and Road Maps available to help you find the surf with.

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Water Temps and Seasons
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Mexico Surfing Guide!

Joe at K38, only 3 guys out!

Surfing in Mexico is your guide to surfing Mexico, one of the great frontiers of wave riding. No where else can you find such an incredible variety of surf spots and adventure.

New! Check out our new interactive Mexico surf report page, and post your report.

The uncrowded breaks are scattered along the entire coast, ranging from reef breaks to point breaks, and plenty of beachbreaks too.

Baja is the easiest place to get to from the California, and very accessable. You can be surfing plenty of world class spots within a few hours of the border.

Check out our surf spot descriptions and pictures, along with advice for the individual spots, and enjoy!

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They just printed a article Northern Baja Mexico Surfing written by this site's author.

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Surfing In Mexico is dedicated to helping surfers find and enjoy the best waves and surf possible in Mexico .