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Isla Todos Santos

Isla Todos Santos, Mexico
Legendary world class big wave break located on the Isla Todos Santos Island 12 miles off Ensenada.

"Killer's" is the biggest and best known break. Located near an offshore canyon on the NW tip of the Island in front of the lighthouse, the waves are typically 2-4 times bigger here than Baja, and reportedly can handle ANY size wave. During the big wave contest there were 60 foot+ faces peeling in.

There are other breaks on the Island, including "Chicken's" which breaks in the channel between the two Islands, and "Thor's Hammer."

You need a boat to get there, which can be rented out from Ensenada, or La Bufadora. Usually about $20/person is the charge. If you hang out at San Miguel you can usually find someone with a boat, or someone to split a boat with.

Don't even bother going out there without a big wave board/gun, the waves are heavy. The water is also known to be extra cold out there, bring your hood and booties.

The day in the picture above was only waist-shoulder high at San Miguel!


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